Create operating statement – Sellout

This page shows how to create a “sellout” operating statement.

For a chart of operating statement methods and property types, see Create operating statement.

Go to the New Operating Statement page

1. Click the Property tab and the Operating Stmt sublink.

2. Verify that the proper property is displayed in the property menu.

3. Click the Add an Operating statement button on top right of the operating statement module.


Enter operating statement information

1. Start with the required fields: statement year and months covered. Enter as much or little information as you like. You can always return to this entry.

2. When you fill in the five default NOI categories, click the Update button. Five empty NOI category rows will appear.

Note: The order of the NOI categories must match the source document of the financial statement.


NOI Category: Standardized NOI categories for the subject property type

Description: Reported name of the category

Notes: Any adjustments or special attributes

Amount: Reported amount

Adj: Adjustments to reported amount

3. Click the Update button at the top or bottom of the operating statement module.


Download and upload templates

Download and/or upload the operating statement data in Excel format using these links: