Add rent roll – Conversion

Rent rolls are the key to lease-by-lease underwriting and future securitization transparency.

This page shows how to create a “conversion” rent roll.

For a chart of rent roll methods and property types, see Add rent roll.


Go to the New Rent Roll page

1. Click the Property tab and the Rent Roll sublink.

2. Verify that the proper property is displayed in the property menu.

3. Click the Add New button on top right of the rent roll module.



Enter Rent Roll information

1. Start with rent roll name, which is required. Enter as much or little information as you like. You can always return to this entry.

2. Click the Update button at the top of the rent roll module.


After you click the Update button, the tenant list will be enabled.


Add tenants

In the rent roll page’s tenant list module, click the Add new button.



1. Enter required fields.

2. Enter or edit as much information as you like, then click the Update button. You can always modify your tenant listing later.

3. If you want to add another tenant, click the Add New button.