Exit plan management

Tranche notes into various exit plans including securitization, syndication, note sale or hold either in funds or on the balance sheet.

Create data tapes and supplemental reports within the Backshop application.

Easily review additional deals that are available for securitization or sale.

Coordinate and track the transfer of asset summaries, data tapes, and documents among various parties.

Quickly access securitization documents, waterfalls, scheduled paydowns, expenses, contacts, COD balances and more.

Investor Reporting. Backshop allows you to manage multiple funds, limiting investor access and reporting to the assets in which they have an interest.

Web interface. Backshop is the market’s only Web-based lease-by-lease underwriting tool. All facts, assumptions and answers are available in the tool, not lost in spreadsheets. This allows sharing your individual asset valuations over the Web with your Fund Investors. Very powerful and smart.

Document management. Access all your critical documents and share selected documents in our secure Web-based environment.

Proven: We have been in business since 2000.

Find out why smart institutions have chosen Backshop to manage all deal exits: